Jetflow Hydration Systems and Adapters- Packs, Reservoir, Bladder

Ditch the Scumbag

Check out videos on how some of our friends use the Jetflow System.  They do it a lot better than we do!

Jetflow System



The Jetflow Hydration System replaces your old hydration bladder (reservoir) with simple and inexpensive options.  The manifold is intended to be used with a standard water bottle thread common to Smartwater, Aquafina, Fiji, Pepsi, and Coke style bottles.  Generally bottles over .5 liter in volume.  The system also includes a 63 mm adapter that will accept Nalgene, Camelback, Lifeline, and a lot of common hard side bottles used in outdoor recreation.  For those who still enjoy a soft side bladder that is easy to operate, fill, and clean we also include the 2.2 liter Jetflow reservoir.  Enjoy a lifetime warranty on all parts except the bite valve.



Get a Tomahawk Hydration Pack with purchase of a Jetflow Hydration replacement system.  Or upgrade to a Dirt Merchant Pack for just $10 more!