Jetflow System

The Jetflow System replaces your old hydration bladder (reservoir) with simple and inexpensive options. The manifold is intended to be used with a standard water bottle thread common to Smartwater, Aquafina, Fiji, Pepsi, and Coke style bottles. Generally bottles over .5 liter in volume. The system also includes a 63 mm adapter that will accept Nalgene, Camelback, Lifeline, and a lot of common hard side bottles used in outdoor recreation. Enjoy a lifetime warranty on all parts except the bite valve.


The Idea

It started as a simple search, an alternative to hydration reservoirs (bladders) that tasted horribly, collected bacteria, and are expensive to replace. When we didn't find a single adequate product on the market we designed and built our own.  The Jetflow Hydration System. It adapts to use hundreds of common bottles, your outdoor gear bottle, or enjoy our oversize Jetflow reservoir with massive ice opening.


Hydration reservoir pack

The unique selling proposition of Jetflow hydration packs/hydration bladder is the amalgamation of style and purpose which makes it functional and convenient. It is a perfect alternative to other hydration reservoirs which taste horrible, collect bacteria, and are expensive to replace.


why jetflow?

• Uniquely designed for easier carrying and accessibility

• Sturdy, durable, and doesn’t get punctured easily

• Easy to maintain and doesn’t take much space