Hydration Packs - Best Hydration Backpacks at Jetflow

The hydration bladder pack and reservoir is an innovative high-performance gadget fervently made for the unstoppable adventurist and outdoor enthusiast. JETFLOW Hydration System replaces your old hydration bladder (reservoir) and its ergonomic design makes it highly convenient to be carried anywhere. In the current scenario, JETFLOW is a simple and inexpensive option available in the market. Since the manifold is expertly designed to be used with standard water bottle thread, the Hydration pack is compact with Smart water, Aquafina, Fiji, Pepsi, and Coke Style bottles (precisely bottle of .5 liter). Other than all this, the equipment comes with a 63 mm adapter, which makes it acceptable with Nalgene, Camelback, Lifeline, and many of the common hard side bottles used in outdoor recreation activities.

The Unique Selling Proposition of Jet Flow Hydration Packs/Hydration Bladder:

  • It is a perfect alternative to hydration reservoirs (bladders) which taste horrible, collect bacteria, and very expensive to replace.

  • JETFLOW HYDRATION PACKS/ HYDRATION BLADDERS are an amalgamation of style and purpose which makes it functional and convenience.

  • JETFLOW Hydration Reservoir is made in USA and manufactured with high density medical grade plastic.

The Best Hydration Packs for Hiking and Biking

Have you ever thought of upgrading your old-school Hydration reservoir to modern hydration pack/hydration bladder? If yes, then here’s your chance to craft your vision into reality. JETFLOW Hydration packs are fervently engineered for adventure enthusiasts who love to quest long day hikes, mountain bike rides, rocky terrain and other enthralling activities. Obviously, you need water to keep yourself hydrated and JETFLOW hydration reservoir really comes in handy to carry massive water during your adventure. The factors which make hydration packs perfectly suited for adventure and extreme activity are:

  • JETFLOW Hydration pack is a combination of sturdy-built quality and lightweight properties.

  • It is a perfect gear for mountain biking and hiking and has long-term durable characteristics.

  • Hydration reservoirs are a perfect adventure essential which provides sufficient water to your body.

  • The innovative design with straps makes JETFLOW hydration packs a ready-to-go product.

  • Pioneering Hydration 3 Liter Reservoir for Trekking, Hiking, Biking, Backpacking

Not just one, but there are many reasons to consider 3 Liter hydration reservoir; especially if you are on the verge of hiking, trekking, biking or backpacking. As an adventure enthusiast, you must consider replacing your water bottle with 3 Liter hydration reservoir because:

  • Hydration pack system provides an easy way to drink on the go; where you don’t even have to reach your water bottle.

  • Hydration reservoir will always keep you hydrated; especially on a high-altitude trek that protects you from altitude sickness.

  • With hydration pack, you trek with your hands free. Let me ask you a question, why struggle for every sip of water?

  • For trekkers, hydration pack/ hydration bladder maintains a rhythm while you voyage.

The Pure Hydration Inline Water Purifier and Armoured Reservoir

JETFLOW's hydration reservoir is expertly designed to fulfill the clean water needs of outdoor enthusiasts. Our hydration bag is uniquely designed for easy carrying and drinking of water. Being manufactured from sturdy plastic material, the JETFLOW hydration pack is no ordinary pack and contains lightweight properties. It is a great gear for those people who are adventurists, and prefer to travel the long trek where staying hydrated becomes a lot easier.

The factors which make hydration reservoir/ hydration bladder a dependable gear are:

  1. With hydration pack, it becomes so much easier to keep yourself hydrated.

  2. Hydration bladder are sturdy and durable pick and don’t get punctured so easily.

  3. Its compact design makes it easy to carry and easy to maintain and doesn’t take much space.

The Best Hydration Bladders of 2019

Is your New Year's resolution all about adventure and travelling? If yes, time has come to be ahead in your quest with pioneering hydration bladders (also known as Hydration pack reservoir).  JETFLOW hydration packs are expertly designed to be efficient and purposeful for adventure enthusiasts. The cutting edge technology has empowered the traditional hydration pack, and today it has become a convenient option to carry water during your hiking, trekking, biking and backpacking. The factors which make JETFLOW hydration pack the best hydration bladders of 2019 are:

  • It’s a perfect gear for adventure seekers; keeps you hydrated all the time. 

  • Hydration packs are convenient and efficient for transporting or drinking water.

  • Hydration pack is designed with lightweight properties and even weight distribution.

  • Jetflow Hydration System is an outdoor gear bottle enjoyed because of its oversize reservoir and massive ice opening.

Being Made in USA, Jetflow hydration system is a pure composition of style & quality and manufactured with medical grade high density plastics.

How to Clean Your Hydration Pack’s Bladder?

JETFLOW Hydration pack is easy to clean and easy to maintain. In order to make sure cleaning process a lot easier, we are presenting you with some prudent tips for clean your hydration pack’s bladder. The common way of cleaning reservoir is though soap and water and keep it aside to dry. However, there are plenty more ways to clean your hydration pack that we are going to mention below:

  1. By using hot water and 2 tablespoons of bleach or baking soda. You need to mix the solution inside your hydration pack and run through the tube.

  2. Keep it still for almost 30 minutes.

  3. Wash the hydration reservoir with hot water and mild soap.

  4. Rinse away the bleach or cleaning solution before using it again.

  5. After cleaning it properly, airs dry it.

The Best Hydration Bladders for Hiking:

Hiking is an exhilarating sport that testifies your limits, and the sport certainly leaves an impression of everlasting joy. But you need to be prepared effectively by considering the things that you simply can’t live without. No, we are not talking about smartphones here.

Hydration bladder or hydration pack reservoir is something you must consider in advance if you are looking for a convenient way to carry massive amounts of water during your expedition. The key reasons why JETFLOW Hydration Bladder is important for hiking are:

  • Hydration packs are tougher, durable and prominent lightweight gear with even weight distribution properties.

  • Hydration reservoir rarely causes leakage and is a dependable gear among hikers community.

  • Hydration system saves you from opening-closing of lid and designed with mouthpiece & shoulder strap for your own convenience.